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About Us

Plaka is an old, quiet neighbourhood, in the city of Athens, which lies on the Earth's 38th parallel.

It is full of picturesque old houses, narrow lanes and steps which lead up to the hill, the holy rock of Acropolis. Mnisikleous street, is the name of the central steps, the name of the ancient architect Mnesikles, who flourished about 450 BC.


My cafe is here - half way up - its name is Yiasemi - Jasmin - the name of the sweet smelling flower, whose white blossom shines even at midnight, as if to reflect the shining sea of the Aegean. My grandmother, was born in the middle of the Aegean archipelagos. It was she who taught me the savours and innumerable tastes of all plants that grow with so little water but are always immersed in light. It is from these fruits  of nature that I derive my recipes, in the simple kitchen of my cafe, the taste I relich and love to share.

"Dear stranger and friend, when I only have one egg left in my pantry, it is the yolk I keep for you."

(from an old chinese poem)

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